bamboo arch jarThe smooth, buttery texture and eggshell hue of porcelain are properties that draw me to its use. I appreciate the glaze depth and color intensity achieved on this surface. I use porcelain exclusively in my production process.

I work alone, incorporating basic pottery tools to produce wheel-thrown and slab constructed pieces. Thrown forms are often decorated with altered rims, slip trailing and multiple overlapping glazes. Slab construction consists of pressing and forming porcelain slabs over plaster forms. Much of the work I produce are lidded pieces where bamboo is included in the handle detail. For these handles I hunt through bundles of bamboo to find the right piece in both dimension and color. The bamboo is then individually cut and finished to fit each vessel and secured with steamed bamboo caning.

pasta bowlI am drawn to simple, well-designed forms, which display intense attention to craftsmanship. These are the principles I try to emulate in my pottery efforts. I would hope my work inspires thoughts and reactions in what otherwise might be daily routine.

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